Grand Marais MN Store Shelf Photos

I'm a mostly-retired, former IT guy who still tinkers with an Apple MacBook and some software development as a hobby.

The recent pandemic seemed like a good oppturnity to put some of those skills to good use, especially since I work part-time at one of the local grocery stores.

Store shelf photos are now hosted by my first decent attempt at a web-based, mobile-friendly "app" that's much more refined and polished than the simple pages I threw together earlier.

It's called Cascade. I suggest you delete any Bookmarks/Favorites to the previous pages and replace them with a link to Cascade.

Cascade includes the ability for stores to upload and manage their own photos sets. If you know a North Shore store owner/operator/manager with an interest in getting on board, with any type of store, please email for more information.

See the Volunteers page to help at one of the grocery stores.

Happy shopping! Stay well.